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I am currently both student at the University of Paris 8 studying Computer Sciences, and CTO at VoxWave, the company I co-founded in 2014 with my two associates, Joffrey Collignon and Axelle Adnet.

My interests range are mainly oriented toward audio and programming, but I have also some interest in languages –I can speak fluently in French and English, I have some knowledge in Japanese and Spanish, and I have also some notions in Tibetan and in Dovahzul, the dragon tongue in the video game Skyrim by Bethesda Studio. I am also creating my own language for the novel I am writing.

At VoxWave, I do the linguistic researches needed to build vocal libraries I create later on. I also perform audio repair and enhancement, as well as song mixing and mastering. However, my main activity within VoxWave is the development of vocal libraries for singing vocal synthesis (currently using Plogue Art and Technologie’s Alter/Ego software and technology), such as the vocal libraries for ALYS and LEORA.

I have experience with several vocal synthesis systems, such as Alter/Ego (our main system at VoxWave), Chipspeech, UTAU, VOCALOID and ChaNTeR both as a vocal library developer and user, and with CeVIO Creative Studio as a user.

I also write some programs, mainly internal tools for my company in order to better our efficiency. I mainly use C++ (C++17) and C (C98), and I am currently learning Intel x86 Assembly, Rust, Scheme, Python (Python 3), Shell, SQL (Oracle) and Prolog (this list might change quickly as I am currently studying in university Computer Sciences, including programming). I also have some notions in Scheme, Elixir, PHP, Javascript and Java, and enough knowledge to self-host my website and its sub-domains with nginx.

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