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I am currently a third year student at the University of Paris 8 studying Computer Sciences. I was also CTO at VoxWave, the company I co-founded in 2014 with my two associates Joffrey Collignon and Axelle Adnet, from October 2012 to July 31st 2018.

I have numerous centers of interest, ranging from audio engineering to programing, including some linguistics and conlanging (creation of languages).

Concerning languages and linguistics, I fluently speak in French and English, but I also know the basics when it comes to Spanish and Japanese and I have some notions in Classical Tibetan. As for conlanging, I was introduced to this subject by the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its imaginary language for dragons called Dovahzul. I started learning it and participating in the elaboration of its more complex grammar which is not available through the official content of the game only. But what really made me dive deep into language creation was the discovery of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works though his books (not the movies which I already knew). I now create my own languages, which you can read about here.

I also used to do audio engineering, which includes audio repair and enhancement, song and music mixing and mastering. I also used to work, as mentionned above, at VoxWave as its CTO, and this implies mainly the creation of singing vocal libraries for vocal synthesis engines. The main engine used at VoxWave when I worked there was Formant Singer 2 used is Alter Ego, a singing vocal synthesizer developped by the Canadian company Plogue, Art et Technologie. Hence, I am the developper of ALYS’ vocal libraries and one of the main developpers of LEORA, the two first worldwide virtual singers. My knowledge also allows me to create vocal libraries for Chipspeech, a retro vocal synthesizer by the same company, for ChaNTeR by the IRCAM, UTAU (by Ameya-P), and VOCALOID by Yamaha Corp. My linguistic knowledge also proved useful when it came to the research and development of solution in order to be able to build these databases that would allow a synthetic voice to sing in French, Japanese and English.

However, my current main activity is programming, which goes in hand with my status as a student in Computer Sciences. I used wrote some tools for internal use at VoxWave allowing better, faster and more efficient work. I do not have currently any important project going on aside from my linguistics ones at the moment, however I do have a couple of upcoming projects that might prove interesting at least to myself, including a programming language. I mainly use C++ (up to C++17), C (up to C98), and Rust, and I am learning x86-64 assembly, Scheme, Python 3, Elisp, Javascript, and Prolog. I also have enough knowledge to manage and self-host with nginx and docker my website and its sub-domains, including my book library and my own Gitlab instance.

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